Last Chance To Do Nothing - Lyrics

  • "For a very long time I expected this effort to result in a snapshot of my life at this instant. However... as I look at the 14 pieces of myself I have laid out in a musical format I am more than a little surprised to find that I have ended up with something far more telling. Oddly enough, I see nothing as temporary as I had once believed in any of this. As always I would like to believe that my fears and concerns will pass. I would like to believe that all my questions will eventually be answered. I would like to believe that my decisions will ultimately move me to a point where I am content. But the truth of the matter is that my time for radical change is almost over. My snapshot is quietly turning into a still life in which I see all too clearly how the more brilliant colors are so in danger of fading. What has become undeniable is that I have reached a crossroads. What I choose now I will do, what I leave behind will be difficult to return for. And so it is that my snapshot has turned into a chance... A simple choice to move, to risk, to realize something uniquely me, or a last chance to do nothing."

    - Dan Sheridan

  •   1.  Passing Concerns
      2.  Reprisal
      3.  Pizza Guy
      4.  Drift
      5.  Mirror
      6.  Fair Warning
      7.  Two Years Out of College
           with a Degree in Communications
      8.  The Prince
      9.  Friendly Retort
    10.  Illusions of Progress
    11.  My Reason
    12.  Almost Lacking
    13.  Haunting
    14.  Specious Motives             Credits