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Take a walk with me, she said,
things are changing over me
now I’m out on my own
the guiding hands have just released me
I’m struggling to stand
Although it seems you have a hold
your face is strangely certain
your air is so composed

So what’s the secret that I’m to find,
where’s the sequence and what’s it drive,
I can listen to the next thing that you say to me,
just let me in

And in my thoughts I find
accusatory notions and some loose alibi’s
She was Mrs. Tuesday night
still counting on some easy ways
to get back to the places where she hoped to be

there’s no great secret that she can find,
there was a sequence but she lacked the drive,
she will listen to the next thing that I say to her,
just set her to it

Sometimes it’s bad I said
but things will come around,
just like they always do
she smiled and looked a little better,
I smiled throughout my lie

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Words and Music by Dan Sheridan
Lyrics reprinted by Permission.
All Rights Reserved.