Lyrics - Almost Lacking

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A Darkened room somewhere
Strands of light crack through the window
They should highlight every move,
but dust lies thick on every surface.

Draining away is the chance of preservation
Fading away are the means I have
of getting back, what could be left
of what I forced myself to leave behind
forced to leave behind

There's no one way to see;
our thoughts in many places every moment
but we can spread our efforts thin,
and be more gifted without focus.

Draining away is the need for that perspective
Fading away is my objectiveness
no single view should hold too firm
even logic fails for strong convictions

But is this moving the way it should to satisfy my ends
I could end up facing the very demons I left for dead.
But must I wonder
The heat rips through me
light bends around me
the thoughts I have are pure sensations
Still slightly mixed with fear
many voices
many voices
starting in alone
I could have them
the strengths I knew then
I could blend them into my intentions
and lose nothing on the way
It wakes again
It wakes again
I wake again

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Words and Music by Dan Sheridan
Lyrics reprinted by Permission.
All Rights Reserved.