The origins of Dan Sheridan's melody driven, acoustic based rock can be traced back to the humble bars of Blacksburg, VA but truly came of age in the dynamic music scene of Austin, TX. Born and raised just outside of Washington DC, Dan studied violin and piano before taking up the acoustic guitar and falling in love with the craft of songwriting. Dan's debut solo effort "Last Chance to Do Nothing" was recorded near Berklee College of Music in Boston in late 1998. Dan's latest release, "The Gravity of Habit" was recorded with Dan's veteran group in Austin and completed upon his return to Washington DC. It is a return to the hook-driven, thoughtful, dissections of the things in life that move us. Whether describing emotion, introspection, or pouring over the thoughts within a single moment, each song invites one to take a deep look into its meaning or to simply enjoy the sound at its musical surface.