Lyrics - Illusions of Progress

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Take a look , step inside
or hold on, enjoy the ride
form or function, overlaid
or back inside, look at the need
still watch while you bleed

everything in a line,
behind the front the lacked will hide
and consciously, we look ahead
to cheat the order, that's long been set
that nothing can change without committing

and for all that I fear
the right now's not an option here
and for all that's so near
I can't find a way to stay with what I have
can't find a way to stay with what I have
I can't find a way to keep it all in check
and I would rather be,

I'd rather be on my way

Still there are times
when progress is an easy label
and anything ahead is far enough
and I've found my lies
cast motion as the only constant
even if no one heard a thing
but I won't bind myself to anything
no conscious choice connects the missing links
an instinct may serve me well right then
but seldom leaves the someday adequate

and I find I'm on my way

and when it ends
I've left myself an empty judgment
at even odds to go
and in time confusion makes another payment
I'll never cover with the job that I have done
It's just what I've been expecting
just following the road I've walked consistently

I find myself on the way

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Words and Music by Dan Sheridan
Lyrics reprinted by Permission.
All Rights Reserved.