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Lyrics - The Prince

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Don't try to stop me now
I've come to far to fail
I'm so tired of trying to learn to fly away
right now its anything goes
I might have less to show
but I don't care if nothing goes
to come so far so fast
fuck you if you turn me back
I just want to see

I have no cause
but I've come so far so well
still, there are some crimes
I've hidden from myself
but I've known

I tried to talk to me
but he just didn't tell me anything I couldn't find myself
at least he didn't lie
maybe it's the same in hindsight
maybe it's just the here and now
changes there and back again
it seems the circle has an end
that never leaves me quite where I began

I have no cause but I've come so far so well
Still, there have been things I've hidden from myself
still I've known

There's been no cause, but I've come so far so well
There are some ways to try and clear yourself
I know.

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Words and Music by Dan Sheridan
Lyrics reprinted by Permission.
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