The Gravity of Habit - Lyrics

  • "The urge to fall back on what has worked for us in the past has its own attraction and resisting that familiar, sensible pull can often send us spiraling towards disaster. Still, some of the most exciting experiences, and any true change, fall from breaking free of the patterns that bind us. Even as too much repulsion of the familiar leaves us drifting further and further from everything and everyone that once made us feel comfortable, safe, or grounded.

    Whether our actions ultimately lead us to a better place, or force us along a more challenging path, the gravity of our habit will pull at us. Silently it draws us towards what we are and forces us to work even harder to become who we wish to be. We feel its effect in the shifts in our actions, the weight of our attractions, the force of our convictions, and the intensity of our reactions. I feel my own pull even now, second guessing my choice to let such personal sonic pieces of myself out for all to see. I hope you enjoy these songs, these thoughts, these sometimes cautionary tales. I hope you invite them into your orbit. I hope you find something to pull from them. And I foolishly dream that someday they might offer some insight when next you choose to defy gravity."
    - Dan Sheridan

  •   1.  The Same Words Again
      2.  Chorus
      3.  Harmonic
      4.  Honest Reactions
      5.  I Suppose
      6.  Two Years Out of College
           with a Degree in Communications
      7.  Common Divide
      8.  Passing Concerns
      9.  Skyline
    10.  Reconsider                                Credits