Lyrics - Reconsider

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Slid across the seat of a taxi cab
Just as I let my breath slip free
Thankful for the lucky thought to walk away
Headed home on my own

I have a little trouble fitting the key in the door
I’m rewinding the evening, searching for meaning in subtle moves she made
the early stages are so hard on me
always seem to be guessing, seem to be guessing
while positioning

and I’m far too affected to judge a thing now
way beyond thinking clearly,
but, it’s a simple game it’s a easy move to win right now
hold back for now to stay prepared, prepared for anything

But I’d be crazy to let you know
Although I reconsider, I still say no but my god
I’m so happy to be here, I'd be happy to let this show
that I reconsider, reconsider

there are times for plans and times for pawns
More than time enough that’s far, far less than comfortable
but in these moments when I can't fight back my smile
I find I love these sleepless nights

And I know that questions are easy
when all my weaknesses beg for answers
But it’s an easy game it’s an easy move to win right now
Don’t think for now, just breath in deep and release it

And I’d be crazy to let this show
It’s enough to reconsider but not too deeply for now
I’m so happy to be here, so happy to let things go enough to
Reconsider, reconsider

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Words and Music by Dan Sheridan
Lyrics reprinted by Permission.
All Rights Reserved.