Lyrics - Passing Concerns

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A temporary lift
tends to move us further from
all that's been implied
on the outside there's a hint
not enough to act on
not enough to think
Of times when only one is heard
Solitary, but independence the reward

But it’s fine for the minute
Fine for today
I can’t find the need to pull myself away.

A joining in a song, the harmony turns sour, the notes begin to drift
And even in discord, the notes remain so honest, though the harmony is spoiled
thoughts of the solo album... begin
relief in going on the road.

But it’s fine for the minute
fine for today
If I had the will I’d pull myself away

and it was only a fantasy, I had
I could only expect to be, myself
I admit I could not have seen it but...
although I’m still breathing
I’m dead for the reason
I once had believed that
the point of it all was you
the point of it all was you
the point of it all was you
I never noticed when that fact began to change

We made it through the day, congratulations are in order, things just keep themselves up 
Why pursue a change, life is comfortable enough, to guide us through in safety
but when I go to bed I’m tired
but when I wake again I’m tired

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Words and Music by Dan Sheridan
Lyrics reprinted by Permission.
All Rights Reserved.