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Lyrics - Skyline

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My Latest sin
Coupled Here
And These Questions
That chase my sleep at night
Suspended Paused for now

For the moment laid aside
While inhibitions are released
And this feeling
It surrounds me
Always behind the places I describe
I sense the shakings of first times

Some places they change me
Invite me to tempt fate
And I know it’s not me
It’s not me, but still me
But, My life is fine
I’ll be alright

This ease with
which I slip between my lives
has begun to lose it’s form
The hard lines
the divisions
Between my normal and my skyline life
My ideals bend to fit them in

And I know
You want this
We can’t hold this distance
And all my thoughts keep drifting
Keep moving,
To skyline
My life is fine
I’ll be alright

I don’t want to face this fire
Although I know where I must fail
Is it needing?
Is it Distance?
Is it the one thing that’s different now?
or is it just payment
For this unconditional life

And I know
You want this
You’re not scared to breath in,
And take this, this skyline
And take it, as your life
she's bending my reason,
I'm bending my feeling
And I’m wanting, Oh I’m wanting
I admit, I admit, I admit, I admit
She’s broken my reason
I can’t stay, I can’t change
I’m worn out, I’m worn down
From trying so hard to keep it all the same
Still, my life is fine
And I’ll be all right
My life is fine
And I’ll be all right

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Words and Music by Dan Sheridan
Lyrics reprinted by Permission.
All Rights Reserved.